Famèe Furlane Toronto is for Furlans


The Famèe Furlane of Toronto is a social and cultural club for men, women and children of Friulian ancestry. Founded in 1932, it began as mutual benefit society for Furlan workers and families who might be in need. It developed into a social and cultural club that fostered “furlanitât” values that supported Furlan passions of “il lavoro, la casa, la famiglia, la marilenghe.”

Always a dynamic focus in the Furlan community, today The Friuli Centre Campus is a multi-purpose complex including the al Fogolâr Restaurant & Event Centre, the Villa Leonardo Gambin long-term care residence and the Friuli Terrace, an independent seniors' residence.

Identifying the value in preserving its much loved furlanitât, annual Famèe Furlane activities and social gatherings comprise cultural and folkloric social events, whether transported from Friûl or traditions newly “cemented” in Canada.  


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