imageThe Fogolârs Federation of Canada is an association of 17 fogolârs or famees across the country.

The Federation was formed in 1980 as a means of communication for the clubs, and to keep all Furlans informed of each others' activities. It publishes La Cisilute 2 times a year, and holds a Congress every two years. Activities of the Congress include workshops, an art exhibit, sightseeing, a mass and gala dinner.
The The Famèe Furlane of Toronto was founded in 1932. Originally conceived a mutual benefit society to aid the workers and families of Furlan origin who where in need, it developed into a social and cultural club that fostered “furlanitât”, values that supported the passion of Furlans for “il lavora, la casa, la famiglia, e la marilenghe”.

Fogolârs Federation of Canada

Tel. & Fax: (905) 851-7898  


Presidente:                 Giuseppe Toso

Segretaria:                  Sonia Bertolisi

Direttore D’Ufficio:   Alberto De Rosa

Vice Presidente:         Luisa Del Vel Vellus

Tesoriere:                   Renzo Rigutto


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